Monday, 1 October 2012

SNE grind 65% done! bettinglife @ Pokerstars

     Hey guys, it's bettinglife here

   First of all, I'd like to thanks everybody that has been reading my posts. Today the 10k visitors mark was reached!!
        I can say in advance that the month was great. Massive action lead to massive results! And the reason why the month was great is based on Goals achievement and results!
                       1 ) I manage to achieve most of my goals:

  1. 200+ hours  work
  2. 150k vpp's
  3. 20 hours work out
  4. 20 hours studying ( Only did around 10)

                       2) Poker results were positive :

      September Results with 50% rakeback.

     I also have been crushing all kind of leaderboards during the month:

Congratulations on your performance in last week's Sit & Go Leader Boards:
Sep 10 A cash prize of USD 175.00 has been credited to your account
Sep 18 A cash prize of USD 225.00 has been credited to your account
Sep 25 A cash prize of USD 500.00 has been credited to your account.
Today A cash prize of USD 1,000.00 has been credited to your account.
Today  A cash prize of USD 500.00 has been credited to your account.
   Am i fulfilled or accomplished with mylatest success? 

   Not even close, I'm making mistakes all the time! Obviously if i compare myself with the semi-regulars I'm a superstar, but i like to compare to myself in the day/month/year before! Developing is crucial,there's only two ways to approach life, or you'll get better or you'll get worse, there's no such thing as being stable. Just like in previous months i'm gonna keep improving the only difference is that pressure is not present ias big and those leaks are a bit harder to find.

 I've been reading ''fooled by randomness'' and there was an example pretty funny of how people can be over rated, i think there could be no better time to think about this than now!

   Let's say a Wall street firm hires10k investors and the ones that by the end of the year lose money will be fired, and the other remain, same process in the 2nd year, 3rd, 4rd.. Let's also assume that they are bad investors ( negative long run ) and they lose 40% of the years.
   By the end :

  of the 1st year we'd have 4k ''sucesfull'' investors
  of the 2nd year we'd have (4k)40% = 1.6k investors
  of the 3rd year 640 investors
  of the 7th year 17 investors.

 These super ''sucesfull'' investors are actually bad and negative to the firm, but luck is always present in any form. The funny thing about this, is that they'll become super stars and they'll start to appear in magazines, to  write books, giving financial advice, managing peoples money. on the 8th year, there's only 6 guys left, and people will study their patterns to be as successful as them. they'll even write books about their youth saying it's influencing then in their professional life! When they finally run out of luck this poor 6 guys will be blamed that their change in habits was the reason for the unsuccessfull results.

   Even though it was a simple example it might help you to reflect in some areas of your everyday life.

    Back to poker...

Some new regulars in poker have been asking me what should be done to improve. It really depends what structure you're playing, each structure requires a different aim. For example if you're playing cash games you should be looking to improve mostly your postflop skills ( which is where the biggest edge comes from ) nothing new here, right?
   For tournaments which is where i'm good at i'll write for each structure what you should be working on and where!. Nothing really specific but certainly will help some new guys into the business.

180 s - Biggest edge in 2010-2011 came from the latest stage in the game, push/fold strategy. I was super super bad postflop and i made 45k in 2011 with good push/fold strategy. Hu not so relevant for Medium level player.

 45s - Bigger edge also comes from latest stage in the game, but if you're aiming to become a real pro at it you should study ICM calculations for the final table. Hu slightly relevant.

18s - It really depend which buy ins you're playing because 18s offers a big variety, but if you're playing up to 15$, you could easily beat the games by being good  push/fold. strong icm knowledge. and strong Hu game.

6 max 20+ deep - This is my structure currently, i will talk about what you should work on up to the 15$ level, because after that it's a bit more complex. 
Postflop : Strong factor
Push/fold: Ok
Hu: Strong factor
ICM: Strong factor.

6 max sattys: This structure in the low limits a strong push/fold strattegy with a even stronger ICM knowledge. easy game.

    The best way i know to improve your postflop is by working on reviewing a lot of Hand histories which is not that easy. But for push/fold and icm knowledge kind of players is prety easy you just need to work on a calculator. I can assure you'd beat any push/fold strategy such as 180s, 45s, 6max sattys, 6 max hypers with some work and dedication.

     I became good after working on icmizer which is a calculator made by my coach, if you're looking to improvement you've found the place. I'm not looking for business here, it's really powerful!

   Anyway, i'm feeling that post is getting too long.

Back to the goal,
    SNE is currently in 65%

   Goals for October:

175k vpp's
220 hours work
20 hours work out gym
keep myself disciplined and motivated.

    Ciao raggazi!



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