Sunday, 10 April 2011

Poland update & Language barrier

 Hey :)
   I've been checking and realized throw statistics that most of my visitors where people from abroad, so i decided from now on to write in english.
    I haven't update the blog the last two months ( a lot happened ). I've settled in poland and finally adapting to the new life style. Wroclaw is truly special, it's developed, medium sized city, and there's lots of teenagers, some websites claim that it has about 120 thousand students. ( which is 1/4 of the population ).
 Wroclaw Rynek
In the February my grinding was affected by internet connection that was not stable ( pain!! ), i end up the month slightly up. I also have been partying almost every day, which didn't help.

In March was interesting.. i went with a friend from Portugal to Prague we played the side events and satellite of Eureka poker tour, despite my friend making a good work qualifying himself to the main event, non of us made any cashout ( was our first time live, a worth it experience ).
I played 1750 tournaments and didn't have good results either, i end up even, wasn't my best game and i was in a pretty sick run.
  I've installed Table ninja and Holdem Manager, amazing software! i've been studying very hard some regs and making some adjustments to my game, developing, developing. I also bought a book Mathematics of poker, should be here this month :)
 Prague old town hall 

me @ venceslau square
Plans for April & May:
University, i hope to finally get my learning agreement signed, and keep my regular ( not so much ) attendance to economic classes.
Poker: Play at least 100 hours per month
Traveling: i didn't decide myself which countries to visit in the my stay in poland i was suppose to go to Rome today but my father is visiting me this week so i re-scheduled the trip.

   It's 5:45 am and i can't sleep still, don't grind mtt's in europe guys ;)

See you soon!