Monday, 21 May 2012

Bad luck leadeboard winner?

    Yo guys, a lot happened since i start with the 6 max hypers structure, i've been playing the 30$ stakes and games are really tough, a lot of regs and some of them are going for SNE.
      About SNE.. It's still mathematically possible to go for SNE but that would imply me moving up in stakes, something i don't know i'm ready for, specially after running 180 buy ins below Ev in the 30$ level.

     Here is my graph of all time hypers.

Green line - How i have been running

Red Line - It's called Ev adjusted, and it shows how i actually should been running.

Blue line - it's the adition of the Green line + 28% rakeback.

   So i'm basically i'm break even for the last 2 months even though i've been winning all Unlucky leadeboards! :)
   I have in my mind that some professionals and some books say that it's in this hard moments that good players separate from excelent players, considering i give all credit to the Red line i have to say that i really feel well with myself and the best is to come :)

     Next time i'll write i'll be crushing!