Sunday, 24 July 2011

Portugal Update!

   I'm back to Portugal, that's right!

   In my way back me and a few friends went to Croatia it was awsome, can't describe it, seriously!

 Plans for the year ( 2011 )

1 - Enjoy summer life
2 - Play online 150 hours per month ( easy )
3 - Get an apartment in Porto 
4 - Get the driving license
5 - Play as much official live poker tournaments as possible. ( just for fun )
6 - Travel with friends around the country. 
7 - Finish my graduation ( easy )

  Live Tournaments.

Me and a friend went to '' Figueira da Foz '' to play a 120€  tournament but it was full, was nice however to meet a old friends and also new contacts in poker.

Outside the Casino this video shows how things went..

   On 23th july we went to '' Espinho '' to play another 110 € tournament, i lost AQ vs JJ after 4 hours, congratulations to my friend Máx that made his first live Final Table.

Online Poker

   I feel that at home i have all the condition to be a professional poker player, i don't have to worry about food, clothes, bills so have i total freedom to improve my game.
   Things are going good since I arrived , i won 4400$ so far and this is due to my hard work,  I made 1978 games in only 25 days!

Short/Medium term plans for my Online Poker

Now i'm playing a 9$ Average stake, my plan is to start to play higher limits, and improve this value to 12$ for example in a month like this one i would win a extra 1305.48 ( ( 12 - 9 ) * 1978 * 0.22 ).

  I'm probably going in vacations in August so i'll keep you updated ,and please remember me on 4th August because i won't be around haha :)

 See you later, António