Sunday, 29 May 2011

Studies & Studies

 Hey guys,

    Here i am updating the April and May month, last month my poker was running not awesome and i had the opportunity to travel to Bratislava ( Slovakian Republic ) , Wien ( Austria ) and Brno ( checz Republic ) which was really fun and relaxing with the company of some nice Portuguese friends. We made all the way by train followed by an amazing weather.

     When i got back from the trip i was motivated to play but i was not running good at poker, again unfortunately  I was only slightly profitable ( not enough for me ), Pokerstars also changed the 180's tournaments blind structure ( like if it was the best thing in the world )  which didn't help, even the best regular players were quite lost with the changes. I realised i was probably playing sick and i needed to change my plays and my math. With the help of my coach and some hard work i made a lot of improvements and found some leaks at my math and with a bit of luck the results came as fast as they could!

Below my results of April and May, ( i would say only 6000$ cuz sharkscope got a 10 - 15% calculation error due to rebuy tournaments )
 University, I'm trying ( i do, really ) to those classes that there influence a lot in the final result. For ex, in 3 hours I'm having a International finances class which i don't know if I'm going to pass yet because the result is only influenced by the number of presences, i would say I've been there 25% of the time, I'll prbb need to get lucky to pass so i can't miss today!

As a poker player i would say, 
I'm going to pass to 4/ 7 subjects in average with a small standart variance, i feel good!


 When i came to Poland i wrote some goals in Portuguese, which were

Go to the gym 
I applied this month :)

Travel to Czech republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary 
I did 50% of them ( and is not over yet )

Go to 75% of the classes 
haha i remember i didn't believe in this one when i wrote it, i go 25% of them :|

And work about 100 to 150 hours per month 
easy maybe 180 per month is what i do :)

Learn the basic Polish,
I didn't realised polish would be so complex and i thought i would have more contact with the language. Polish people do speak good English, it's amazing. Well but if i would calculate the average of knowledge of all the rest of the people in Erasmus with the same cultural behaviours, i definitely made a good job!

    Anyway, in about one month i'll be moving back to Portugal and say goodbye to this true life experience called

   '' How to move from country each 121 days ''

     Hope to write soon! ty António