Monday, 27 August 2012

“Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.”

   Hey guys,

      I decided to write today after i got inspired by phil galfond's blog, i share some of his problems, and apparently like many other top players..

           I've been thinking much about life, how poker is related to it and how it affects it. I must admit as competitive player , is a big part of my life, same happens with any other high level athlete ( not saying I'm one, yet.. ) . Michael Phelps said recently, that he would only discover himself as a person now, because swimming always made a big part in his life that he didn't have the time to find himself as a human being..

     In the beginning on the year i was still a 10$ regular ( not saying it's something you shouldn't be proud off but if your Goal is SNE it's simply not enough). and turning myself into the player/person I'm today took a lot of efforts and discipline over the year, efforts like working 200 hours/month, avoiding going out with friends at weekends to play  the good games, change your schedule given the game sweetness ( playing until 8 am for ex ), tell my girlfriend/family you could only spend a limit time with her/them .. All this decisions, made me a more successful online poker player, but they also have an impact in your life such as health, relations, happiness. Is very hard to calculate such value, because life is too complex and with many variables while in poker is ''rather easy'' for ex.. Should i go out to a friend b-day on a Friday when games are sweet or should i take games with a  150$/ hour winrate. Is your friend bday party worth 1500$?. This type of questions are very sensible, because we're speaking about emotions and relations which in my opinion are greater than money. So it's not about the money? So it's about What?!

       So why am i doing this, is it for the money, for the challenge, for the thrill?

    I must admit it's a bit of each, if I'd get SNE now, i would reduce my hours of work to 100/ month probably, so it's not only about the money.Only 1 in each 15 000 players is SNE the idea of becoming part of such restricted VIP club is something that really pushes me and might be really intelectually fulfilling.

     During the course of the year i had feeling like, ok your suffering now but you're going to be happy when you're done with this challenge. Maybe this is somewhat true, but you have the power to change it virtually  NOW. Worked for me after listening to Anthony Robbins '' get the edge'' about how to approach life. And now i changed my schedule radically, I'm having a better nutrition, spending one day with family and friends/week, and work out much more often, and that makes me more happy.

 ''Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present''
Jim Rhon.

    What if i fail?

    I thought about it many times,I'm playing with some of the best sitngo players in the World and is not an easy task , but if you read my blog some months ago I'd be shooting for the moon, and even if I'd fail I'd be among the stars.. And here i am, trying to outplay the best sitngo players in the world. Well I'm trying, what about you, are you Trying? or Are you still in your comfortable average life?  Do something about it ( if you think it would make you a happier person )

    I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.
by Michael Jordon.

In 10 years
 I'll be saying. I did it, it was LEGEN... wait for it ..DARY! or I failed in a Legendary way.

Both of them sound better than... ''Ohhh i  didn't tried, but now is late even if i want i can't.. I have two kids and a wife as a full time job and i love it''

My current plan for August:

I'm done with ABC postflop, and i really feel that my postflop game is getting finally solid, now it's time to take my game to world level competition ( sounds good :P ). will go more in specific in this in the next post, i didn't check yet my August results i guess they were not great given the fact that the games were very competitive and i was coolered all the way on the bubble..
  See you guys ( soon )


Thursday, 9 August 2012

Bettinglife August Recap

           Hey guy,

                  I decided to write today because there's some news going on...

       I settle for myself a 6k vpp pace /day for August, and so far things are going according to plan, today i even reached my own vpp record in a single day by making 8k!


    The blog as a new domain . There's a lot more news for the blog soon so stay alert!

      I've been playing basically only 60$ and 100$ but games have been really competitive so i don't know if i'm positive pre-rakeback, so i just need to wait that sample speak for itself.
        There are two options:

                   1 - I do well in regged games, and i keep playing 60$ - 100$ w/o massive selection.
                   2 - I'm not good enough so i need to play 30$ as basis and 60$ + 100$ with selection untill i'm good enough.

    No matter what will happen i'm pretty happy with results and pace so far nevertheless i want to keep pushing my own limits everytime i play..

'' A man who limits his interests, limits his life. '' by Vincent Price


    See you guys,