Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 Summary 2012 Plans.

    Hey guys Happy new year!!

   This year has been a mix of experiences most of them great but also some painful ones.. The year started very cold in the North of Italy, then got even colder when i moved to Poland, when flowers started to blossomed in Poland my journey around central Europe was over. Croatia and the mediterranean food increased the will to be back home, back to my sunny Portugal however with a rainy winter, we celebrate 2012.

    Poker wise,

   After putting a few extra hours in Nov-Dec in order to achieve the Supernova, i decided that January will be a month to relax and play softly. Besides, three American friends are staying for the month, and considering i have a subject to pass, will make this a special month ( poker wise ) and i'm also  attending intensive classes of Italian language..

    I'm definitelly playing the TCOOP which is going to happen in January in Pokerstars, so see you at the tables. The plans for 2012 are comming soon...

  This are the results of a painful year of hard working and incomprehension.

   Good luck for 2012 and see you at the tables :)