Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'm super Hot!

Yoooww guys!

   I've been studying really hard, playing 6 hours/day, I'm a bit late to make SuperNova this year so i've been mixing some of the 30$ turbos to increase the vpp's day/rate.

   I finally have a place in Porto, I'm going to live w/ some friends, the house is a bit far from my University, however i only have 7 subjects remaining for graduate so i hope I'll make in a e-learning mode hehe.

   Spending Spending Spending. dam! This is how money flies!
I went on holidays ( 1200$ )
Since the begining I'm paying a lot of money to my coach but in the last 2 months ( 3500$ )
Had to buy new and fast computer + hardware and other stuff ( 1500$ )
New furniture for the apartment i'm moving to ( 1000$ )
So i had to spend a total of 7200$.. the only thing i could avoid were the holidays, but who does it? :P

   All this expenses can now be paid due to my super hot run,

    Thank you for reading. cya later.