Saturday, 29 October 2011

Like a boss!

   Hello guys,


  I haven't made any update on the blog due to lack of time, I played 3312 tournaments in the last 30 days. Today i have time because i just woke up, and I've got to dinner party in a hour :)

  I just recover from my downswing, Like a BOSS!! this is a 2 months graph

We had a prob bet here at my place, the first guy making 10 000$ profit in 30 days should be treated as Don or Godfather, unluckily David cashed 20k last week, so he's the Don.

My Supernova status is 75% complete, that will take be about 364 hours to complete.

let's goooo

The music i was listening, enjoy


   Porto is amazing, if I was from other country I would pick Porto to apply for Erasmus, the city has an amazing night life, loads of students, houses are cheap. The weather is great during spring and summer time, even now it's raining but from 6º - 20ºC.

    Take Ryanair, and make me a visit!

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Keep it real



  For those who think that my job has only wonderful news, i just had my biggest and first Downswing, I'm more than  3500$ down which made September a even month. As a poker player  i understand the fact  by watching the pro's results that variance is something you cannot avoid.
   True that i ain't playing my best game, I'm not playing horrible either, the solution is to keep working hard and let the long term decide who's best.


  My new house is quite nice, the people i live with they have pretty much the same schedule as mine, However i didn't go to the university just because we went out every night since i arrived, something i definitely want to change in the future. I also spoke with a lot of people in Erasmus, we've met  a few times, they're pretty cool, we might create some nice relations around here,( BTW  our neighbours are Spanish)


I was in Paris with my father only for 36 hours he was teaching my how to make simple deals, not that i want to work on the family business, but I'm sure the knowledge i got will for sure help me in other situations in the future, beside we were surrounded of pretty and fashion girls :)

  My one month downswing,

        Poker ain't easy, this is to those wanna be's, keep it real! :)