Monday, 10 September 2012

''Success comes from good judgement. Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement! '' follow Bettinglife @ Pokerstars

    Hey guys,

           As usual in the first day of each month i check my poker results and this 1st September was no different the only difference was that i was losing (around 4k after all the bonuses..). Even though you might argue is not that much money specially after i run 15k$ Bellow Ev (250 buy ins ) it was pretty intense for me, and that made me took two days to relax and to improve myself as poker player. 
     My game, my mindset, my short term goals, i knew something had to change, i couldn't just stay there and hope things to get better, i needed to take Massive Action!  I decided to go back to my old schedule, (playing during the night), i lowered number of tables ( 12 ), and for the first days i lowered Average buy in ( 50$ ) and i also increased number of working hours/day ( 10 ).
         I found/fix some leaks ( big ones actually ), and now i feel that soon I'll become one of those big names that make us question if the game is profitable when they jump as the 6th player on the game. You can argue that I'm being too full of myself on this, but the truth is that i failed many times, and i tried to improve in every single of them. I often listen to players telling me how they played perfectly a hand or session, and in my opinion if they're not finding mistakes in their game it means their not improving, and if they're not improving they'll soon get outplayed by their opponents.

    ''Success comes from good judgement. Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement! '' tony Robbins


    I was reading a very long post of Phil galfond's blog, and he was writing now (27) about when he was exactly my age (21) :

 '' I wish I would have stayed in school and played a little bit of poker on the side, but not so much that it almost consumed my life like it did.''

''Sure, I was still hanging out with friends, some of whom were students, but it wasn’t the same.  I had other focuses, responsibilities.  I had job offers from training sites, accountants to hire, bankroll decisions to make.  I grew up too quickly.''

 ''You can always go back to school and get a degree, yeah, but you can’t go back and be 21 again.''

   I could write the exact same words in this moment about my life. I only have 5 subjects to finish my economics graduation and I'll delay it, however i can't do the same with my youth. I might be nostalgic for the fact that two years ago i went in Erasmus. 
       Anyway, no more reflections! I'm taking the best decisions in my life given the information available, so be it! I'll embrace whatever life has for me..

Supernova Elite status: I'm currently with 540k vpp's ( 54% of the points that i need) , and I'm planning to  end up this month with 640k.

    September Overall Plan:
     150k vpp's
     200 + hours playing
     20 + hours studying
     20 hours of Exercise ( Gym and Krav maga
     Keep myself motivated.

See you soon,

António Bettinglife