Saturday, 11 June 2011

Earth Leader Board WINNER :D

''Hello bettinglife,

Congratulations on your performance in last week's Sit & Go Leader Boards. A cash prize of USD 700.00 has been credited to your account. This credit can be viewed under the History section on the PokerStars Cashier.''

 I COULDN'T BELIEVE when i open my mail box today :)

 I'm so happy with myself, not because of the prize ( is not that much ) but because i never won anything at a world level, there are so many people playing this level, it's so competitive that becomes almost impossible to win it without luck :)

Thank  you to those who have always suport me ( Max, Esp ) and to my amazing Coach :)

As you can see in the graph below i got really lucky that week making a unrealistic 60% R.O.I!

This week i didn't play, and i'm not playing that much this month. I want to take the most of my last days in erasmus, as my lovely sister said '' Living live at the edge ''

I'm loving it, aaaaaaahhhhhh