Thursday, 8 December 2011

Supernova & Xmas time.

     Hey guys, i haven't write anything lately so here i am to break the prophecy.

After being in Porto for 3 months i can say that my adapting period was really fast, it's usually hard for me to adapt to a new place, cultural behaviours, food. But with good friends around and a understable language everything was made easy this time.

   Poker wise,

   We've been working quite hard for the last 3 months besides i've been running aewsome i can't ask for more. My supernova status is 91% done i believe i'll make it till 25 December, with this achievement. i'll get 35 - 38% rakeback next year. wich will be around 320 euros per month.

Live events, i was considering to play them not for the money but for the fun but i realized i have more interesting things to do for now, maybe next year i'll play them competitively.

    Next year i'm considering to lock my profit stats in every poker database just because i don't think people that know me really understand this values and because i believe i'll get an extra value at the tables doing so.

Here are my results since i moved to Porto,

   University wise,

   This semester i have 3 subjects i was calculating the time i'd have to spend ( classes + study ) to pass and i decided to apply for most dificult one, and the other two only in september,
sorry for any spelling i didn't have time to check haha

we'll be in touch before 2012 :)